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15 Fun Facts for Boxing

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What are you expecting for the fight between Garcia and Spence? Do you know how to watch Spence vs Garcia live? There are some other things you didn’t know about boxing, not only how to watch or stream it. Today I want to teach you something, and also amaze you.

As you are waiting to watch the fight between Garcia and Spence, here is some 15 fun facts for boxing that you never know. Even with that close following of boxing, some facts here will appear to be strange. Well, let us see.

  1. Boxing has two categories. Professional fight like what we are waiting for between Garcia and Spence and amateur.
  2. Boxing has rounds that are usually guided by one person known as referee and takes up to three minutes.
  3. Boxing finds its roots from the ancient Greeks. It became part of the Olympic Games in the early 688BC.
  4. During the ancient time in Greek, the first winner in Olympic boxing is Onomastos Smyrnaios
  5. Pugilism is also another name for boxing.
  6. The first amateur boxing Olympic was in 1904
  7. Apollo is a god, who is believed to be the inventor as well as the guardian of the early boxing in ancient Greek. He was worshiped to win
  8. Archie Moore has the most record of 141 knockouts in Boxing lifetime.
  9. The match can end any time the coach throws a towel, or if any participant breaks the rule thus disqualified. The game can also end when the counterpart overwhelms the opponent. For the results, if no other issue, the score cards are final.
  10. Len Wickwar is the most successful Boxer in history. This Great Britain Man fought 463 bouts between 1928 and 1947. Len Wickwar also has the achievement of the most losses, 127.
  11. George Foreman is known for making more money selling his grill than what he made while in the boxing career
  12. Wilfred Benitez has the name for the first rounds KO.
  13. The most heavyweight defenses are Joe Lous who holds 25 titles
  14. The youngest Boxing Amateur to win the title was Wilfred Benitez at the age of 17.
  15. Bareknuckle boxing is the most preferred nowadays. The boxing glove is more dangerous and causes many deaths. They were first introduced in boxing with the aim of increasing the punch in knockouts.

So this is some of the facts about boxing. I know some sound new and strange. While you wait for the talk of the town battle, you have learned something new today.

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